A Modeling Approach To Algebra (AMAA) Teacher Edition

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The AMAA Teacher's Guide includes a one-year subscription to TI-Nspire Teacher Software. To extend the duration of the software license, select from the upgrade options below.


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A Modeling Approach to Algebra is a flexible and versatile set of curriculum materials that can be used at middle school, high school, or post-secondary levels. There are two main components of the materials, a Student Book and a Teacher Edition.

The Teacher Edition is needed to effectively use and understand the problems in the Student Book.


The Teacher Edition includes

Print and digital versions of the Teacher Notes and the Annotated Student Pages for each lesson.
● The Teacher Notes provide a discussion of the content of the lesson, opportunities to model, insights into student thinking, and suggestions for using associated technology. 
● The Annotated Student Pages include strategies for teaching the lesson and suggested questions to probe for further understanding. 

A 1-year subscription to TI-Nspire Teacher Software.  Extend your license by selecting from the Upgrade options above.
The entire set of curriculum materials is digitally accessible using TI-NspireTM Teacher Software. The PublishViewTM feature of the software links all components of the curriculum so teachers can move easily between Student Pages, Teacher Notes, Annotated Student Pages and dynamic tables and graphs. In addition, problems with a conceptual approach to skill-building and sample assessment items are included in the digital component. The PublishViewTM software allows teachers to customize instruction by editing the materials to accommodate the needs of their own classrooms. For more information about the software visit [link forthcoming]


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Author(s) Olson, J, Olson, M. Slovin, Venenciano, Zenigami
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Copyright 2014
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Edition 2nd
Pages 340
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Grade Level(s) 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13+
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