The Comedy Hour, Student Book

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The Comedy Hour, the second Performance English text in the Middle School Series, extends the radio drama format into the realm of the trickster. From ancient folk tales to modern sitcoms, the trickster has delighted us by confounding our expectations and scrambling our conventions. Student activities capitalize on the trickster's bag of riddles, rhymes, and linguistic tom-foolery. Students' journal freewriting evolves into comic play writing, and the whole class reads along to Mark Twain's literal tomfoolery in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Robert Nye's lively retelling of the epic Beowulf.

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Item No E106
Author(s) Cheryl A. Harstad and James R. Harstad
Program Golden Triangle
Copyright 1998
ISBN 978-0-937049-91-4
ISBN-10 0-937049-91-3
Edition 1st
Pages 279
Binding Type Hard Cover
Grade Level(s) 6, 7, 8
Audience Student