DASH Grades K-2 Focus Books, Complete Set

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Product Code: D000


Includes one copy each of all of the DASH Focus Books.

Additional Information

Item No D000
Author(s) Don Buchholz
Program Developing Approaches to Science, Health, and Technology (DASH)
Copyright 1991
ISBN-10 No
Set Includes A Surprise for Mom (D011), Something is MIssing (D012), The Kitten with the Black Spot (D013), When I Have to Go (D014), I Think I Feel Sick (D015), I Have to Go to the Doctor (D016), What Doctors Do and Why They Do It (D017), I Have to Go to the Hospital (D018), Same and Different, (D019) The Friendly Shape (D020), Somebody’s Lost (D021), Wake Up Garden! (D022), Planning A Garden (D023), Planting A Garden (D024), Saturday in the Park with Dad (D111), So How Do You Think About Air? (D112), There’s a New Kid Coming (D113), Mary Ellen’s Story (D211), The Day Something Happened (D212)
Edition No
Grade Level(s) K, 1, 2
Audience Teacher