FAST 1 Teacher’s Set

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Product Code: F110


The Teacher's Set includes one each student lab-text book (F101), Student Record Book (F102), five FAST 1 reference booklets (F105-F109), Teacher's Guide (F111) with Visual Aid Masters (F112), FAST Instructional Guide (F113), and FAST 1 Evaluation Guide (F114).

Additional Information

Item No F110
Author(s) Francis M. Pottenger III and Donald B. Young
Program Foundational Approaches in Science Teaching (FAST)
Copyright 1994
ISBN-10 No
Set Includes FAST 1: The Local Environment, Student Lab-text Book (F101), FAST 1 Student Record Book (F102), Animal Care (F105), Field Mapping (F106), Plant Propagation (F107), Sampling Methods (F108), Weather Instruments (F109), FAST 1: Teacher Guide including Visual Aid Masters (F111), FAST Instructional Guide (F113), FAST 1 Evaluation Guide (F114)
Edition 2nd
Grade Level(s) 6, 7, 8
Audience Teacher