FAST 2: Matter and Energy in the Biosphere, Student Lab-text Book

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Explorations of the transfer of matter and energy through ecosystems, through which students discover that all living organisms are part of a complex, interdependent biosphere. In the physical science strand students investigate the nature of light, analyze and synthesize compounds in search of evidence for an atomic theory, and explore the kinetic molecular theory of matter. In the ecology strand students investigate photosynthesis, respiration, and decomposition, thereby developing their understanding of the interdependence of living organisms, the cycling of matter, and the flow of energy in ecosystems. In the relational study strand students make decisions about issues that require analyzing global energy problems such as shortages of food or fossil fuels.

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Item No F201
Author(s) Francis M. Pottenger III, Donald B. Young, and E. Barbara Klemm
Program Foundational Approaches in Science Teaching (FAST)
Copyright 1994
ISBN 978-0-937049-83-9
ISBN-10 0-937049-83-2
Edition 2nd
Pages 317
Binding Type Hard Cover
Grade Level(s) 7, 8, 9
Audience Student