I Think I Feel Sick

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A girl wakes up sick on a school day. But there's a field trip she doesn't want to miss. She could go, but what if she got sick and threw up at school? Or what if she had to go home and nobody came for her? Would the school call an ambulance? Or maybe even a fire truck? Her very real conflicts, anxieties, and concerns are resolved by a very understanding mom who finds the girl has a fever and had better stay home.

A DASH Focus Book

Additional Information

Item No D015
Author(s) Don Buchholz
Program Developing Approaches to Science, Health, and Technology (DASH)
Copyright 1991
ISBN 978-1-58351-031-5
ISBN-10 1-58351-031-1
Edition No
Pages 17
Binding Type Spiral
Grade Level(s) K
Audience Student, Teacher