Somebody’s Lost

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What every child fears, being lost. The story is told from the point of view of a hand puppet who gets lost in a big store and goes through all the worries a child experiences--What to do? Stay here and hope they find me? What if they don't know where here is? Should I go look for them? Should I be real quiet so I can hear them calling me? Or should I yell as loud as I can? At the end, the puppet is found. But, of course, everyone knows puppets can't talk by themselves . . . .

A DASH Focus Book

Additional Information

Item No D021
Author(s) Don Buchholz
Program Developing Approaches to Science, Health, and Technology (DASH)
Copyright 1990
ISBN 978-1-58351-067-4
ISBN-10 1-58351-067-2
Edition 1st
Pages 18
Binding Type Spiral
Grade Level(s) K
Audience Student, Teacher