The Friendly Shape

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A shape ship has come a long way. It was tired and needed a friendly shape. When it swooshes down to a little blue planet, through some puffy white clouds and into an open window, it feels right at home. So many things are just like it. Well, there are if you added windows. Or a roof. Or wheels. Or maybe a handle instead. Or if you put a big, bright ribbon on it and kept a secret inside.

A DASH Focus Book

Additional Information

Item No D020
Author(s) Don Buchholz
Program Developing Approaches to Science, Health, and Technology (DASH)
Copyright 1990
ISBN 978-1-58351-036-0
ISBN-10 1-58351-036-2
Edition 1st
Pages 16
Binding Type Spiral
Grade Level(s) K
Audience Student, Teacher